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Whatever the reasons for their appeal, nudity mods have a strong following.

MezZa Follow Forum Posts: You'll see Geralt naked but not his penis. Girl in sexy dress fucked. I'd imagine it would be even more successful if the game didn't already have plenty of sexual content. Installation of free DLC Easter eggs. Some feminists are even more guilty than men of equating any female nudity with "the male gaze" and sexualization. The witcher 3 naked. Blended From Around The Web. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. This blog contains scenes of nudity from a game.

I was wondering the following questions As Geralt, the player can sleep with several women and be treated to some pretty explicit sex scenes. Women can be nude without desiring sex.

I mean it's softcore at best, but still Also it wouldn't make me happy, content maybe. Abby nude pics. Map of Velen Places of power Inn by the Crossroads. A female blacksmith had to work under a male dwarf who took credit for her work because she didn't believe people valued her work Upgrade and slot the Yrden sign. It all comes back to Yennifer. At least the combat is competent though, its pretty much Witcher 2 combat without the amateur hour control sloppiness.

Being a woman playing a manly manI did this, and quickly discovered that this was a couple role playing and that my manly man was destroying the mood. Just watch porn, dude. I saw the beast from a distance, asleep in the long grass. Spoilers Tags are active on this subreddit. I have muddled thoughts and am still processing my feelings on this, but the male viewpoint was Justin Follow Forum Posts: If you don't have a problem with the violence and dark themes the game has to offer torture, mutilation, cannibalism, some drug references, dismembermentthen the nudity shouldn't be an issue.

The sex was way more explicit in The Witcher 2 though. We all overcome things in life, and she had the chance to start a new life There was no sexual content, but it was just "casual nudity".

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Witcher games have lots of sexual content. Drunk naked lesbians. I wouldn't say that is exactly universally true. There's no reproductive organs - for either gender.

But Witchers might be the superior investigative agency, since they can manipulate minds during interrogations. Down with this sort of thing! Like it feels like the main characters want to get down and dirty every time they look at each other. It was my best fight ever. The witcher 3 naked. I saw the beast from a distance, asleep in the long grass. Later I came across her wielding a sword and beating off some bandits.

Also is it dark and depressing or all happy and rainbows. But, like many other games, it has strange and absurd quirks that make the game even more enjoyable. Amateur wife big tits. That's an instant Adult Only rating and a huge media blowout guaranteed. I imagine he'll figure it out eventually, though. I wrote this post half jokingly, but seeing all the down vote I am getting, I realized that the prospect of having full male nudity is more upsetting to you, than the lack of it to me.

What are your thoughts about sexuality in gaming and how have you approached the subject with The Witcher 3? Bears are the only non-boss monster who have presented any kind of excitement: The Witcher 2 had some of the most explicit nudity and sex I've seen in a non-pornographic video game.

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No, no, not me I'm not sure why nudity is a big deal though. Installation of free DLC Easter eggs. The rates of sexual assault are not much different and possibly even worst in Countries where women are covered from head to toe.

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Generally the sexy scenes are something you have to knowingly pursue. Or, heck, a large enough pack of wolves would be sufficient too. Truly a work of art! However much there is, it won't be enough.

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Designed by Jonathan Sutcliffe. This has become an eye opening experience. Skinny saggy tits. Did you know that we're also on Steam? This is not a question of my preference but equality and justice. The witcher 3 naked. Who are the Ugliest characters in gaming? Once the payment is complete, you'll be brought back to Thingiverse. App Info Launch App. Lesbian sex and sexuality tv show Click the button below and you will be redirected to PayPal. I'd like to beat the game with Geralt shirtless and hopefully bottomless. Yummylee Follow Forum Posts: In the Witcher 2's instance, it also provides context for why Geralt would choose to chase after Triss instead of the Kingslayer.

Episode 9 Rumor Making The Rounds. Well, there is full female frontal nudity in the game, which I am perfectly OK with, but I think it would be fair to have the same for males.

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