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Don't participate in the thread if you're going to constantly whiteknight for this cow and sperg your opinions all over the place. She also seems more authentically 'feminine' and traditional to me.

That's what is wrong with it. Sexy girl hypnotised. Lauren southern naked. The YT channel is like a Roosh V fan channel. Um, that IS the prime childbearing age, not 15 or whatever the fuck their retarded nazi ass thinks it is. Not ugly, but not hot. She actually looks better here. I call it "Celebration". This can take years while you deteriorate.

Lauren Southern In Shorts Doing Police Interview- Nice Bumpa Rob Banks, In Toronto, where Kathleen Wynne, a leader for the Province of Ontario wants to force 5-year-old kids to know about penis, vagina, vulva and genitals, and about anal sex at age 11, there is way more sexual degeneracy than a hot year-old chick wearing shorts to "blend in" a Slutwalk demonstration.

Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit That's some real jealousy over there. Remember that she and all other members of the alt-kike were never traitors; they were always enemies. Amatuer milf interacial. Anywho, I had personal issues and I couldnt see myself dealing with men. She sure idolizes men to a ridiculous extent and has quite a masc vibe. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Likewise Brazilians will not think twice about a mini-thong but will frown at topless bathing. That's my least favourite part. But we'd all like to know why you love Lauren southern so much. There's a reason why Rebel Media asked her to leave. You travel around the world on other people's dimes and don't have to take responsibility for any of your shitty actions.

This person sounds very young. Also, I think she's genuinely mad that her sister is gaining more attention than her. Those guys need to focus on their country. Erotic naked moms. Just making it clear: If it were my girl in those shorts, I would think to myself "why do I have to be okay with other men staring at my girl's ass when most civilized men throughout history did not have to deal with that.

At least real Southern state girls are a hell of a lot tougher and genuinely traditional, as opposed to this pampered little Canadian shill, acting like she has all the answers. So, there is nothing "wrong" with what she is saying, except the assumption that because a certain lifestyle "produces" happiness. Releasing, linking or requesting personal information is not allowed.

Most women won't really see a problem with dressing in skimpy shorts because in today's world, it is not perceived as being slutty.

GlobalMan True Player Posts: People like me who need to live around them who used to be the jerk off topic?

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Everytime I see it I get the urge to punch something.

And in that case, she'll be fine. Huge noses and no lips. Nude at beach sex. I won't let them stop me. The fact that people pay money out of their own pockets for her to do anything baffles me. It was basically a video targeted towards people who have pretty much made the decision not to have kids, and highlighting the reasons why that can be a good decision for some.

There are much easier ways for a pretty girl to get attention. No1curr about your non-contribution and petty bitching over hair bleach either. Lauren southern naked. That's the individuals mistake to make. A lot of them say when sex bots can also make sandwiches that women will be obsolete lmao.

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Then when she started dating Chris Ray Gun and dropped the feminism schtick, it was like 'Oh Laci's cool now, she thinks like us, yes Laci you can be in our gang now, you're my wife now. Man sucking womans tits. The following 4 users Like AneroidOcean's post: Not sure how they could call her racist. She also looks terribly aged. Lemme eat dat UPS drops off a packagae If they are wrong, swinging back is easy.

Unlike most sheeple I'm actually quite self sufficient. Ask me anything about explosives. Releasing, linking or requesting personal information is not allowed. It's hard to focus on if women are wearing french plaits or not really Lorenzo, that's what upsets you? Cleanse the Republic of these communist scum! That's why they have mgtows and redpillers in their mentions constantly - because Lauren promotes their talking points from a female perspective. They're great tits Imagine the dopamine rush of getting sent that.

It isn't a hard concept. Lesbian big toy porn. Opinion still seemed fairly split at the time between brainless austist thirst and wising up to her antics though. She even admits she has a bias. I came here for milk on Lauren, not some retarded europoors autistically screeching over hair bleach and ethnicity.

Lauren can at least express herself better. They are the slave patrol for those just leaving the plantation. She's also young, single, and undoubtedly trying to attract high-value men.

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I love a girl that knows how to take the initiative and on top of that she was a pretty good cock sucker and definitely seemed to be enjoying her job.